Paella Today! is the story of a clash between two friends over a girl who is different from the rest. A peculiar, upbeat, culinary and fiery love triangle that has paella as a connecting thread and in which the two male protagonists, Pep and Vicent, both want and fight for Lola, the perfect girl. However, she has a small flaw that neither of them knows about: she can’t be with anyone. After a journey that includes some of the most picturesque areas of the Mediterranean as a backdrop, both friends are plunged into an emotional whirlwind which turns their lives upside down, ending up in a love triangle that blows the situation up… A story of polyamory as a way of talking about universal values such as freedom, love, respect, tolerance and integration.
One month later and each one has gone their own way, but a paella competition might be the perfect opportunity for the three of them to make up, although Lola arrives with news that leaves the two ex-friends out of the picture. Along with the “good news” comes Lola’s insufferable dad, who has the nickname “El Socarrat”, and is a reputable maestro of paellas who ends up taking the competition to the limit while Pep and Vicent gamble their pride (and something else).
Meanwhile, Dolores, Lola’s mum, with her overwhelming and irreverent character bursts on to the scene to complicate the situation and produces hilarious scenes. What’s more, Jimmy, a unique character who is Chinese and a rice specialist, challenges all of them in the paella competition. Two more characters are added to this array, direct witnesses of the relationship between the three main characters: an experienced and tolerant mother, and her “influencer” son who is addicted to social media, creating all sorts of hilarious scenes and adding a satiric point of view to the world of social media.
The result of all these ingredients makes for a Mediterranean gastro-comedy which, taking up the baton from other successful films about culture clashes in Spain, has its own personality since it is a very universal comedy, full of Berlanga-style touches.SEE THE TRAILER




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